FACTS Single Pole
The sinle pole is put in 1 2 3
only a few minutes by one man

When the weight is important for you the choice is a single pole Venorlavvu. It is
a big lavvu, but so compact and light that you can put it on top of your backpack.
This lawu model has a canvas of special made combination of cotton and polyester,
impregnated and water resistant. Vertical double-seams with impregnated cotton
threads make strong and waterproof seams.

The single pole Venorlavvu functions just like the traditional Lavvu. Adjustable
peg holds make this lavvu as fixed and stable as those with more poles. The
single pole is made of a 38mm hardened aluminium pipe and can be folded in 5 or
6 parts, 70 cm each. Included is a drying rack and a coffee kettle holder. There are
also stayhoLds made in the seams to make it possible to use extra stays.

The opening at the top makes it possible for you to have an open fire like in the
traditional lawu. If you use a rainhat, your lawu will be closed and can be used like
an ordinary tent. In this way you have two ways of using your tent. At the same time
this solution gives you a full Lavvu life with the weight of an ordinary tent.

The single pole Venorlavvu is ideal for those who are not dependent on transpor-
tation and who want plenty of room and comfort, and who can carry what they need
on their back. This Lavvu has become very popuLar among hunters, mountain
hikers, Boy Scouts and canoers.

Patent right no. 68474