FACTS Traditional
comfortable up to 100 person
put up very quick
Note: All measures are in the metric system!

The door, of the sizes 4 and 8 persons, is the flap which is a part of the canvas. On

the sizes 15 and 25 persons we have made a special door (see front page of this
brochure). This door can also be delivered on the two smaller sizes, and can be
made on request,
The sizes 4 and 8 persons are the standard Venorlavvus for sale, while the sizes

15 and 25 persons are made on request only,
The traditional Venorlavvu is almost identical with the lavvu that the Sami people have been
using for hundreds of years, The material of the canvas is the only detail which is different,
The fabric of our lavvu model is pure cotton, impregnated, water resistant and
noncondensable Vertical double-seams with impregnated cotton threads give strong,
waterproof seams,

The only thing you need to buy to get the traditional Venorlavvu, is the canvas, and
perhaps the door, As mentioned before, the lavvu is easy to put up What you need in
addition is to get hold of a few lavvu poles of birch trees, For the sizes 4 and 8 persons
lavvus you can also use our aluminium poles (see Instructions) When you have put up the
poles, you just pull the canvas around the poles and fasten them according to the instruc-
tions, The lavvu is ready! Lavvu poles made of birch trees can be left in the mountains,
ready for a lavvu canvas We can often see them in Northern Scandinavia in the wilder-
nes In this way you don t have to bring your lavvu poles along

The lavvu is a type of tent that is very similar to the tepee of the North American lndians,
with an open fireplace in the middle Your first overnight stay in a lavvu is a new, exciting
and positive experience, The shape of the lavvu gives it good draught and makes the
smoke rise through the opening at the top The open fire creates a positive, social atmos-
phere It brings people together and gives your outdoor life a new dimension The fire gives
you light when it is dark and it warms you up when you are feeling cold
Here you can prepare food and dry your wet clothes, As you can see no wonder why the
traditional lavvu is so popular, It is ideally suited for work among young people in schools,
clubs, Boy Scouts, etc Palent righl nn 65550