Dear Lover of Outdoor Life
Are you a camper who thinks that camping
in the wilderness is too tough and too uncomfortable?

As producers of the lavvu* for many years we know such statements. We have therefore developed simple lavvu models in cooperation with active reindeer
herders and professional hunters, fishermen and mountain hikers. The feedback so far tells us that we have succeded:
- The winter lavvu life is looked upon as a comfortable surprise for new winter campers.

- Those who have some experience with army tents are impressed how easy the lavvus are to put up.

- Everybody enjoys the space, the heating system of the oven and the comfort,

Old Sami traditions are carried on with modern materials and design. You therefore have the real guarantee of a happy lavvu life, at all seasons. It will be quite a new experience for you whether you are a professional or a lover of outdoor life enjoying the mountain hiking from time to time.

It is a pleasure for us to present for you this product cathalogue. The cathalogue gives you information of all the different types of lavvus that we produce and

also available accessories, It tells you which of our lavvu models suits your need and your way of outdoor life.

We also work on a research programme to make improvements on the lavvu.

Because of this there may be minor changes and improvements that have been made between the publication of the cathalogue and your order. If that is the case, you will get full information about changes when your order is received, With every cathalogue a special price list is enclosed. Ordering can be done either by mail or by telephone, Every buyer will receive an introduction on traditions and usages of the lavvu, free.