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Beitrag : Best fabric stores for historical dressmaking in Austria

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Dieser Beitrag ist gerade geöffnet2012-08-20 13:28:45 Best fabric stores for historical dressmaking in Austria Edralis Antworten auf diesen Beitrag
I'm sorry for writing this in English, but my German is very poor and hopefully you won't mind too much :).
I live in Slovakia and the variety of fabrics on the market that are suitable for creating historically accurate garments is very poor. I would like to try shopping somewhere in Austria, in Wien or somewhere in the vicinity, not too far from the Eastern border - and would appreciate recommendations for best stores supplying a wider selection of pure wool and pure linen fabrics.
I am interested in several types of fabric for different purposes, including worsted wool (Kammgarn), both fine and heavier linen (Leinen) and wild/tussah silk (Wildseide/Tussahseide); and also woolen sewing thread, linen sewing thread and thread for tabletweaving (Brettchenweben).
Addresses, e-shop links, anything is welcome :).
Thank you very much!